Water Conservation

Close up of a festival goer refilling her plastic water bottle with water

Water Conservation


Chart of 2020 goal progress for potable water use at water-stressed sites

In 2017, 14 locations in AEG’s portfolio of facilities and events were classified as “waterstressed sites,” which we define as any site located in regions that have high or extremely high “overall water risk” by the World Resources Institute’s AqueductTM tool.

These 14 sites collectively consumed 458 million liters of potable water in 2017, which represents a saving of more than nine million liters of water compared to our Base Year. While we are pleased to see that our overall water consumption is below Base Year levels, we fell short of meeting our 2020 goal this year at our water-stressed sites due to organic growth that resulted in increased water usage at the StubHub in Carson, CA and at the Los Angeles Convention Center, in Los Angeles, CA. Last year, StubHub Center began operating as the temporary home for the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers, while the Los Angeles Convention Center experienced a significant increase in bookings under AEG’s management.

Over the same period of time, we continued to implement water conservation projects at our non-water stressed sites worldwide, even though these are not accounted for in our goals. For example, in London, The O2 installed sensor flow taps in approximately 20% of its arena toilets to reduce unnecessary water consumption. The complex also installed flood check units in the majority of its kitchens and concessions to help detect any unusual flow of water. Across town, the Eventim Apollo started a major refurbishment project to the theater’s restrooms that will lead to significant water efficiency savings through the installation of better fixtures. While the bulk of our efforts are focused on conserving potable water at our water-stressed sites, we remain committed to exploring ways to reduce consumption wherever we can because we believe it is the right thing to do.