GHG Emissions

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GHG Emissions

Goal: reduce GHG Emissions across all operations by 3.2% per year from 2010 to 2020

GHG Emissions infographic

In adopting a science-based goal for GHG emissions, we had to face the concerning reality that AEG’s GHG emissions have exceeded our goal emissions every year since 2010.

In 2016, AEG emitted 181,006 metric tons of GHGs, 21% above our goal for the year and 4% above 2016 Base Year emissions. The organic growth of our company and acquisition of new operations continue to increase AEG’s emissions each year. New acquisitions and businesses that did not exist in 2010 now account for nearly half of our annual emissions. By comparison, in 2010 new operations only accounted for 10%.

Looking at the past seven years of emissions data, we are encouraged that our annual emissions from 2011 to 2016 have remained close to base year emissions, keeping within 4% of the base year in each of those years. This pattern suggests to us that the link between economic growth and carbon emissions has weakened over time.

Moreover, when we look at operations that have been in the AEG portfolio since 2010, we have reduced emissions by 15% relative to our 2016 Base Year. These reductions are due to operational improvements, investments in energy-efficient technologies and decreasing levels of carbon intensity in electric power supplies. This last trend gives us hope that our emissions will continue to fall for all sites and operations, and at an increasing rate.