Two men load boxes of donated materials from the Los Angeles Convention Center into a van.

Los Angeles Convention Center Donates 26 Tons of Event Items & Carpet to Several Los Angeles Nonprofit Organizations

The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), owned by the City of Los Angeles and managed by AEG Facilities, recently collected and donated 14.1 tons of remaining event items and 12 tons of carpet to several Los Angeles-based nonprofit organizations. The recent donations underscore the LACC’s commitment to zero waste management and service to the community.

Organizations including Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army L.A. Red Shield Youth & Community Center, St. Francis Center and EduCare Foundation received furniture, art supplies, tote bags, fixtures, water bottles, lanyards, clothing and more. Additionally, the LACC donated 72 four-stream recycling bins to The Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center in Downtown LA to be used to educate students at schools and camps about how to responsibly dispose of waste.

“The Los Angeles Convention Center has been an outstanding partner for our community," said Irene Lewis, Director, The Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center. “Their dedication has provided impactful services for the children and adults that walk through our doors.”

In addition to donating thousands of hard goods per year, the LACC continues to give back to the community through numerous volunteer opportunities. In 2018, more than 25 employees from the LACC and in-house vendor teams participated in a service day at The Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center in the Pico Union district. The volunteers worked with students in an afterschool program by completing arts and crafts projects, tutoring, participating in sports and playing games. 

During the LACC’s third annual day of service in 2019, the LACC teamed up with the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) where 30 LACC and Taste of LA by Levy employees prepared and served home-style meals and sorted donations for the Made by DWC retail store and women in need. 

This spring, a team of LACC volunteers visited the Hope Street Margolis Family Center to give back to the neighborhood, and a group painted part of the Shaping LA mural by Portraits of Hope that is currently displayed on South Hall’s curved wall facing the 110 freeway. 

“The LACC team takes AEG’s mission, ‘giving the world a reason to cheer’ and applies it to the heart of our business approach,” said Ellen Schwartz, General Manager, LACC. “We are a facility committed to impacting the community for the better, continuously seeking ways to reduce our environmental footprint and serve those in need.”