Participants at the LA Kings' We Are All Kings Camp receive instruction from Blake Bolden, AHL Scout and Growth and Inclusion Specialist for the LA Kings.

AEG's LA Kings and Blue Shield of California Highlight Equality and Inclusivity at We Are All Kings Camp

AEG’s LA Kings hosted their second annual “We Are All Kings Camp”, presented by Blue Shield of California, at the Toyota Sports Performance Center in El Segundo, California from July 25 through 29, 2022.

The camp, which was led by Blake Bolden who serves as an AHL Scout and Growth and Inclusion Specialist for the LA Kings, promoted diversity and inclusion in the sport of hockey both on and off the ice.

The camp, which was free to kids ages five and older, aimed to introduce new players to the sport. Participants were selected from LA Kings partner organizations including 24 Degrees of Color, YMCA, Power Project and The Empowerment Effect, and as part of their free daily instruction, they participated in both on-ice and dryland training.

“We Are All Kings Camp is unique because we are focusing on getting kids on the ice who may have never had the opportunity to do so before,” said Jennifer Pope, SVP of LA King’s Community Relations, and Hockey Development. “We feel it is important that every kid who wants to play hockey has a chance to do so. Being involved in a sport like hockey and playing on a team teaches kids important life skills, whether it’s improving their self-esteem or building stronger relationships, these types of benefits should be accessible to all kids.”

Children who participated in the “We Are All Kings Camp” received equipment to either begin their hockey journey or take their skills to the next level. Both experienced players and novice players were welcomed to join the camp as the program offered development of all skill levels. To learn more information about the We Are All Kings Camp, click here.