Image of planters along the sidewalk with drought-tolerant plants

During its original construction in 2009, L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, California incorporated many water-saving features – like waterless urinals, low-flush toilets, and artificial turf. With California suffering from a historic drought, AEG re-examined the entertainment district’s water footprint to identify new opportunities to conserve water.


The operations team at L.A. LIVE re-landscaped 50 planters with drought-tolerant plants and further reduced watering schedules to minimize water used for irrigation. The engineering team also installed a water softener system on the central cooling tower, which minimizes water use by an estimated 1.8 million gallons annually. Finally, management trained housekeeping to employ water-saving cleaning techniques, such as spot cleaning, to avoid nonessential water use.


As of 2016, these changes allowed L.A. LIVE to reduce annual water use by 31% compared to 2014. “We’re doing whatever we can to identify and eliminate any water waste in our operations,” explained Jim Madsen, Senior Vice President of L.A. LIVE Operations. “We want to be part of the solution in showing how California can continue to thrive on a tighter water budget.”