Image of the crowd at electric forest during the day with the ferris wheel in the back

Electric Forest organizers Madison House Presents were looking to implement a streamlined program to message the importance of sustainability and to integrate environmental initiatives into the festival experience itself.


Through its Electricology program, Electric Forest has a long history of reducing the festival’s environmental impact and engaging with festival-goers on sustainability. Electricology encourages guests to collect recyclable and compostable materials in exchange for “eco-points”, which can be used to win everything from festival merchandise to artist meet-and-greets. The program heightens guest awareness of recycling opportunities and increases the amount of waste diverted from landfill. In addition to promoting waste diversion on-site, Electricology encourages guests to minimize their impact by bringing reusable food and drink containers, buying bulk products to reduce packaging waste and more.


Festival organizers have designed 8 “eco-zones” throughout the festival and camp grounds where patrons can come exchange a bag of garbage for points that they can use to win prizes. “Electricology is a great way to reduce the environmental footprint of the festival and educate festival-goers about the impact of their actions,” notes Kohn Dwight, Operations Director for the festival. “Our goal is not only to make sure materials get recycled, but also to change behavior so that people generate less waste at the festival and in their daily lives.”